Be the chainsaw you wish to see in the world.

About me

My name is Jacob McWilliams (pronouns: he, him, his). I'm an educator, organizer, and activist committed to equity and social justice in all areas of my professional and personal life. I've been working in higher education since 2002 and I'm currently the Director of the Women & Gender Center at the University of Colorado Denver.

Other things I’ve done for a living include:

  • blogger [the guardian]
  • curriculum specialist [project new media literacies]
  • outreach coordinator [project new media literacies]
  • billing coordinator [vca south shore animal hospital]
  • receptionist [vca south shore animal hospital]
  • adjunct instructor (composition, literature, creative writing, business communications) [suffolk university, bridgewater state college, newbury college]
  • groundskeeper [city of fort collins, colorado, & city of grand rapids, michigan]
  • graduate research assistant (composition, creative writing)[colorado state university]
  • writing tutor [colorado state university writing center]
  • telephone operator [quest diagnostics]
  • reporter (sports, education, local politics)[holly herald, fenton independent, spinal column newsweekly]
  • assistant director local nonprofit [public interest research group in michigan]
  • used book purchaser and seller [barnes & noble]
  • cashier [meijer, inc.]
  • receptionist [dean of students office, grand valley state university]
  • fast food employee (4 hours) [mcdonald’s]