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film review: 8: the Mormon Proposition

I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear my state’s GOP lawmakers are reviving a push to pass an amendment banning gay marriage. Which reminds me: I’ve recently started reviewing films for my local public radio station, WFIU. You can see my first review, of the documentary film 8: the Mormon Proposition, here.I’m also including the beginning of the review below.

Just FYI, this review led WFIU to post, for apparently the first time ever, a … Read more

counseling student fights for her right to provide therapy to people she hates

Here’s something awesome: A graduate student in school counseling who is publicly and vocally anti-gay is suing her school because university officials dared to suggest she might not be able to effectively counsel gay and lesbian clients.

I was directed to this story by Jon Newton of p2pnet; the Chronicle of Higher Education ran a slightly longer description of the lawsuit. Here’s the breakdown:

Jennifer Keeton, a student at Augusta State University in Augusta, GA, has been crystal clear … Read more

god speaks through highway billboards sometimes, too!

On the one hand, I’m pretty happy about the new Godmarks billboard campaign designed to counteract efforts to depict the Christian god as terrifying and vengeful. Because look:

billboard reading: "contrary to popular belief I don't have anyone who's gay"

On the other hand, there’s a problem with fighting back using weapons developed by the enemy. First, it gives legitimacy to those weapons, tacitly making it okay for billboards like this to pepper the highway:

Billboard: "One nation under me"

And for politicians to say things like this:

Bush: "God speaks through me."

Of course, the idea of using “God’s words” as … Read more

one thing I’ll miss when print journalism finally dies

what will we do without really good exposés of cults and such, like a recent shredding of the Church of Scientology?

Aside from skimming the occasional story about Scientology’s hold on celebrities or following the campaign of the civic protest group Anonymous, I really don’t pay a lot of attention to the day-to-day workings of the Church of Scientology.

A recent three-part expose of the Church of Scientology’s leaders, including its head, David Miscavige, caught my attention. The … Read more