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In case you were wondering about my position on marriage equality

This week the U.S. Supreme Court hears two cases about marriage equality. Today it’s Prop 8; tomorrow it’s DOMA.

In case you were wondering, here’s how I feel about the fight to extend marriage benefits to all couples regardless of sexual orientation:

I think the LGBT rights movement is far too fixated on this issue, at the expense of some other really important issues that need our attention. I think marriage remains an institution of questionable economic and social … Read more

It Gets Better: the LGBTQ Pride Film Festival, Dead Poets Society and Stephen Schwartz’s “Testimony”

When I was 12 years old, I went with my family to see the Robin Williams movie Dead Poets Society. One of the movie’s main characters is a troubled, sensitive teenager whose actions are controlled by his overbearing father. Here’s the description, pulled from Wikipedia, of one of the key events of the film (warning: contains spoilers):

Without his father’s knowledge, he auditions for the role of Puck in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. His

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National Coming Out Day: Smash ALL the closets.

Yesterday, Oct. 11, was National Coming Out Day. I made this image in honor of the event:

Then, on Facebook, I posted this:

I really do believe in the importance of people coming out as LGBTQI allies. If queer and questioning folks who are afraid to come out know that they are surrounded by people who will love and support them and will try to keep them safe, they are far more likely to come out, and stay out. … Read more

President Obama (finally) stands up for gay marriage

Ok, so this happened.


Obama’s televised statement came after two members of his administration voiced support for gay marriage. Vice President Joe Biden went first, on Sunday:


And on Monday, Education Secretary Arne Duncan followed up by tossing his support behind the cause:

The administration’s position statements on gay marriage sandwiched a primary election day that resulted in  what the New York Times called “a trifecta of intolerance“:

Tuesday was pretty great for the forces of

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dharun ravi found guilty of most charges in bullying case

A few weeks ago, in response to a call by danah boyd and John Palfrey for the public to stop bullying Dharun Ravi, I argued that public sentiment regarding Dharun Ravi was an appropriate reaction to Ravi’s vile and hateful behavior toward his gay roommate, Tyler Clementi. You may remember that Clementi was a gay Rutgers University freshman who committed suicide after Ravi, his roommate, had boasted about setting up his computer’s webcam to watch Clementi’s sexual encounters with another … Read more

The Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls post their stance on WFTDA’s gender policy

subhead: awesomeness ensues.

I love my local roller derby team.

Below is the official response from the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls in response to my call for the league to stand up in opposition to the gender policy passed by women’s roller derby’s governing body, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association.

I admire BHRG’s members and leaders for taking this stand on an issue of deep importance to so many of the league’s skaters and fans.


The Bleeding Heartland

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don’t ask me to withhold judgment of dharun ravi: a response to danah boyd & john palfrey

danah boyd and John Palfrey would like us to stop bullying Dharun Ravi.

Dharun Ravi, you may remember, is the young man whose Rutgers University dorm-mate, Tyler Clementi, committed suicide days after Ravi apparently used his computer to record, watch, and tweet about Clementi’s sexual encounters with another man. Here are the details as boyd and Palfrey explain them:

What seems apparent is that Clementi asked Ravi to have his dormroom to himself on two occasions – September

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bisexuality: we’re doing it wrong.

am I bisexual?There’s an interesting post on Feministe from an excellent writer named Shoshie on the dilemma of how to be bisexual when you’re in a committed, monogamous relationship. Shoshie writes that she’s liked girls for as long as she’s liked boys, even though she didn’t come out as bisexual (“well, actually,” she writes, “pansexual”) until she was in her early twenties. And by the time she had gotten comfortable with her orientation, she was already dating the man who would … Read more

gay wedding planning for straight people

Some queers have chosen to boycott opposite-sex marriages in protest of discriminatory laws on who can legally marry in the United States. I agree with writer Charles Purdy that boycotting loved ones’ ceremonies is both selfish and ineffectual. Purdy writes that

using another person’s wedding as a soapbox for your political viewpoints is indeed tacky. It reeks of self-important grandstanding….[B]eing cruel is no way to bring anyone around to you point of view. (After all, that’s what the other side

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weighing in on Edward Albee

Edward Albee is gay and he’s a writer, but he wants you to know he’s not a gay writer.

Albee received this year’s Pioneer Award from the Lambda Literary Association; this honor is described on the Lambda website as one that is bestowed

on individuals who have broken new ground in the field of LGBT literature and publishing. Established in 1995, the Award honors those who, through their achievements and passionate commitment, have contributed to the LGBT literary community

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