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It’s time for the Learning Sciences to embrace queer & trans* theory.

IDK if you knew that I have a PhD in Education. More specifically, my PhD came from a Learning Sciences program, so I’m technically a learning scientist.

I have a very complicated and fraught relationship with the Learning Sciences–a field that has been extraordinarily slow to integrate the concerns of queer and trans* folk, and even slower to integrate queer and trans* theory–frameworks designed explicitly to account for and investigate queer and trans* concerns, experiences, and lives. Imagine being … Read more

“what gives you the moral authority?”

So here’s something that happened to me yesterday at the AERA Annual Meeting: I gave a talk about my dissertation (.pdf)  in a roundtable sponsored by the Queer Studies Special Interest Group. I began my presentation with a rationale for my work: I talked about the material and symbolic violence committed against trans bodies and then described how misogyny and transphobia get internalized really early and that in order to counteract this it’s important to help kids think about … Read more

some thoughts on queering DML

I attended the recent Digital Media and Learning Conference, “Designing Learning Futures,” in Long Beach, California. During the conference, something sort of cool happened: It became evident that this year’s conference schedule included exactly zero references to queer studies, queer theory, or queer youth. Yes, there were panels in which participants talked about their work with queer youth, but the panel titles and descriptions lacked any indicators that, yes, this would be a queered conversation.

But that’s not the sort … Read more