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Ani DiFranco is bumming me out.

I’ve been a fan of Ani DiFranco since the late 1990s, when I bought cassette tapes of Little Plastic Castle and Out of Range–still my favorites, of the nearly two dozen albums she’s released. During that phase of her career, Ani was an out and proud queer punk feminist dirty folksinging ladydude and I was all about it. I mean, here’s this performance of the title song from Little Plastic Castle:

And this one, the title song from Out Read more

Jenna McWilliams: still not a seminal thinker

Almost three years ago I explained why I hate the words ‘seminal’ and ‘disseminate.’ Here’s the explanation, in brief:

Both words come from the latin root seminalis, or seed, from which we also get the word semen.

Now: seminal, disseminate, semen. All linked to the notion of the seed, the germination of all things that can grow: the sowing of ideas, of genes, of the next generation of people, texts, and theories. The terms, though we may not

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Why I won’t be at the Chick Fil-A counterprotest

…and why you can’t win for losing, these days.

A bunch of queerfolks around the world plan on queerin’ up Chick Fil-A today as a counterprotest to “Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day” (aka: “take a stand against those fags”).

I won’t be participating.

This is one of those instances of small groups of like-minded people stepping up on public platforms and talking directly at themselves. People who hate gays enough to spend thousands of dollars to bus people to a fast … Read more

Greek politician slaps female rival on TV, carries his party to victory regardless

file under: don’t you dare think it doesn’t happen in the United States too.

The symbol of Greece's Golden Dawn party. Many have compared this symbol to the Nazi swastika.

You may have missed this, if you live in the United States. A Greek (male) politician named Ilias Kasidiaris  attacked two female rivals on television: He slapped one woman, three times, and threw water in the face of another. Kasidiaris is a spokesperson for the far right Golden Dawn PartyRead more

President Obama (finally) stands up for gay marriage

Ok, so this happened.


Obama’s televised statement came after two members of his administration voiced support for gay marriage. Vice President Joe Biden went first, on Sunday:


And on Monday, Education Secretary Arne Duncan followed up by tossing his support behind the cause:

The administration’s position statements on gay marriage sandwiched a primary election day that resulted in  what the New York Times called “a trifecta of intolerance“:

Tuesday was pretty great for the forces of

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“when people do fight, they sometimes win…”

rick snyder gtfoYou may have heard about Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s moves to supersede the authority of local governing bodies. Public Act 4, passed this year, gives the state the ability to replace and even dissolve local governing bodies during times of fiscal emergency. It has already been implemented in the city of Benton Harbor, where emergency financial manager (EFM) Joseph Harris has suspended the decision-making authority of  city council members, and in the cities of Pontiac and Flint–as well in … Read more

request from AERA Queer Studies SIG for gender-neutral bathrooms

Lately, and for lots of reasons, I’ve been spending most of my blogging energy on gender and queer identity and less energy on posts about education and educational research. But something happened today that combined my interests in these areas: A Special Interest Group of which I am a member has formally requested gender neutral restrooms at the upcoming annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

By permission of Caitlin Ryan, the membership chair of the AERA Queer Read more

why I identify as genderqueer

Here are some things I told a class of undergraduates this morning:

  • When I was a kid, I was never sure which pronouns–she/her/hers or he/him/his–applied to me.
  • When I was a kid, I was often confused about which public restroom to use.
  • When classes or teams were split into boys vs. girls, I wasn’t always sure which side to join.
  • I let people use feminine pronouns and refer to me as a ‘girl’ because that’s what they seemed
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