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Against ‘Free Feline Friday’

If you live in Bloomington, Indiana, you may have heard about the local man who was arrested for torturing and killing several cats. The story, ripped directly from the Bloomington-Herald Times*, is below.

Lennox, stolen shelter kitten abused by Bloomington man, found alive

By Abby Tonsing 331-4245 | atonsing@heraldt.com
December 5, 2012, last update: 12/5 @ 1:53 pm

Lennox, the 3-month-old orange and white kitten, stolen from the animal shelter and later abused by an Indiana University student is

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gay wedding planning for straight people

Some queers have chosen to boycott opposite-sex marriages in protest of discriminatory laws on who can legally marry in the United States. I agree with writer Charles Purdy that boycotting loved ones’ ceremonies is both selfish and ineffectual. Purdy writes that

using another person’s wedding as a soapbox for your political viewpoints is indeed tacky. It reeks of self-important grandstanding….[B]eing cruel is no way to bring anyone around to you point of view. (After all, that’s what the other side

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losing Max

He was perfect. He was beautiful and mouthy and sweet and kind and nobody who met him could ever forget him. He was mine and he knew it. I loved him. I had the unbelievable good luck to have him in my life for 13 perfect years. I never begrudged him the work or the expense of keeping him healthy and whole. Never resented him or wished he’d hurry up and die. Never. Not once. For thirteen years I loved … Read more