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on straight dudes posing as lesbians

As my pal Wessel says, on the Internet nobody knows you’re a dude.

You may have heard of these two recent stories:

1. Gay Girl in Damascus is really a Straight Guy in Scotland:

The life of Amina Arraf was a good story. On a website called “Gay Girl in Damascus,” this purportedly Syrian-American lesbian blogger wrestled with issues surrounding her national identity, her sexuality, her faith, and the future of her country at a time

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moving beyond the gender binary (or: why I wear men’s clothes)

I want you to know some things about my approach to gender performance.

I want to tell you because my friend Lina asked me today how I think about gender and gender performance, which got me thinking, which made me realize that I have some strong ideas about this, which made me wonder if it’s time to state them out loud.

So here we go.

Typical cultural activity associated with “womanness” include: femininity and / or motherliness; degree of attractiveness … Read more

“be cool, you guys” revisited: on identity theft and ignorant behavior

Last updated: Tuesday, Sept. 7, 10:05 a.m.: The author of the blog described below has acknowledged that the comments posted using my sister’s online identity were not, in fact, posted by the “real” Laura, and she has removed them from her blog. Obviously, I believe this was the right decision and I’m glad and relieved that the comments have been deleted.

My sister learned today that someone has been using her information to troll other websites. This person has been … Read more