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gay wedding planning for straight people

Some queers have chosen to boycott opposite-sex marriages in protest of discriminatory laws on who can legally marry in the United States. I agree with writer Charles Purdy that boycotting loved ones’ ceremonies is both selfish and ineffectual. Purdy writes that

using another person’s wedding as a soapbox for your political viewpoints is indeed tacky. It reeks of self-important grandstanding….[B]eing cruel is no way to bring anyone around to you point of view. (After all, that’s what the other side

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know your rights for the National Day of Silence

This Friday, April 15, is the National Day of Silence, a day in which students are asked to stand, in silence, in protest of the harrassment, bullying, and silencing of LGBTQ youth in schools. If you are a student who is considering participating in the Day of Silence, you need to know your rights in advance of the protest. Below is a document published by Lambda Legal in which your rights as a student are detailed.

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new QUILTBAG resources

Here at Indiana University, I’ve been participating in a really neat program called the GLB Speakers Bureau: Our Stories, Our Lives. This program works from an assumption that a lot of misconceptions about non-heterosexual orientation stem from a lack of exposure to actual queers. So what does this program do? It brings the queers. Sits them right down at the front of a classroom and asks them to talk about their experience.

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