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some thoughts on queering DML

I attended the recent Digital Media and Learning Conference, “Designing Learning Futures,” in Long Beach, California. During the conference, something sort of cool happened: It became evident that this year’s conference schedule included exactly zero references to queer studies, queer theory, or queer youth. Yes, there were panels in which participants talked about their work with queer youth, but the panel titles and descriptions lacked any indicators that, yes, this would be a queered conversation.

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I’ll see you at DLM2011: “Designing Learning Futures”

I’m going to this year’s Digital Media and Learning Conference, March 3-5 in Long Beach, California! And I’m really hoping to see you guys there. I’m trying to schedule a meetup with all my virtual and offline buddies, so if you’re coming and are interested in joining in, shoot me an email by clicking here and I’ll fold you into the mix.

Also, please come to my panels! They will be about equity and learning and awesomeness!
jenna and equity

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