Susan Powter is a lesbian.

By | July 12, 2012

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You remember Susan Powter, right? Of Stop the Insanity! fame. She lost a ton of weight, cut her hair super short and dyed it platinum, and ran around telling people to start moving for chrissake. She started getting called a “fitness guru,” got a TV show for a season, and faded out of the spotlight.

She’s still around, actually, and still proselytizing about how awesome it is to be thin and hot. Her newest book is called The Politics of Stupid: The Cure for Obesity. These days she looks like this:

Anyway, she’s a big old dyke now. It’s not clear how long she’s been gay or how long she’s been out…because she sort of disappeared in there. But I remember when her book came out in the mid-90’s, and looking at her pictures, and being sort of…obsessed with what she was doing with her look and her opinions and her body.


Here’s a video of Susan Powter going all ableist on Oscar winning actor Gabby Sibide. I’m really glad that Powter counts herself as a “radical feminist lesbian woman“–we need all the radical feminist lesbian women we can get. And I don’t think she’s exactly wrong in what she says about the health effects of obesity. I just wish her rhetoric didn’t stray at times a little too far into exactly what they want women to believe about themselves.

4 thoughts on “Susan Powter is a lesbian.

  1. Happiness Noel

    I know this article is from three or more years ago but I wanted to comment on her inability to keep her brand in the forefront. Dieting is a huge industry and she had a good, sane brand. However, I am guessing if you looked closer you will find she suffers from mental health issues. Her life just seems so full of trouble. And now she’s gay . . . sad.

  2. Megan

    I didn’t know her talk show only lasted for a season.


  3. ann

    so what if she is gay.Why is that sad?!

  4. Anonymous

    Because when your life goes completely in the toilet, it’s easier to pretend to be something you are not.

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