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Greek politician slaps female rival on TV, carries his party to victory regardless

file under: don’t you dare think it doesn’t happen in the United States too.

The symbol of Greece's Golden Dawn party. Many have compared this symbol to the Nazi swastika.

You may have missed this, if you live in the United States. A Greek (male) politician named Ilias Kasidiaris  attacked two female rivals on television: He slapped one woman, three times, and threw water in the face of another. Kasidiaris is a spokesperson for the far right Golden Dawn PartyRead more

Susan Powter is a lesbian.

file under: things you suspected but stopped really caring about for a while there



You remember Susan Powter, right? Of Stop the Insanity! fame. She lost a ton of weight, cut her hair super short and dyed it platinum, and ran around telling people to start moving for chrissake. She started getting called a “fitness guru,” got a TV show for a season, and faded out of the spotlight.

She’s still around, actually, and still proselytizing about how Read more