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robo-readers do what teachers can’t! Or, how we turned writing literacy into an algorithm

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has this weekly radio show called “Spark.” It is, in my opinion, the best technology-focused show that Americans don’t know about.

This week’s show included a story on the use of computer tools to read and score student writing on standardized tests. Spark host Nora Young interviewed Mark Shermis, the Dean of the College of Education at the University of Akron, who had this to say about how so-called “robo readers” assess writing:… Read more

on supporting the needs of gifted learners

I’m the kind of guy who spent a lot of fifth grade secretly reading books in class instead of paying attention to the teacher. I earned good grades, took a few AP classes, and got a full-ride academic scholarship to college. I graduated something-cum laude (I can’t remember anymore whether it was summa cum laude or just plain old cum laude). As far as I know, I was never labeled “gifted,” but I was certainly a Smarty McSmarterson.… Read more