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Against ‘Free Feline Friday’

If you live in Bloomington, Indiana, you may have heard about the local man who was arrested for torturing and killing several cats. The story, ripped directly from the Bloomington-Herald Times*, is below.

Lennox, stolen shelter kitten abused by Bloomington man, found alive

By Abby Tonsing 331-4245 |
December 5, 2012, last update: 12/5 @ 1:53 pm

Lennox, the 3-month-old orange and white kitten, stolen from the animal shelter and later abused by an Indiana University student is

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National Coming Out Day: Smash ALL the closets.

Yesterday, Oct. 11, was National Coming Out Day. I made this image in honor of the event:

Then, on Facebook, I posted this:

I really do believe in the importance of people coming out as LGBTQI allies. If queer and questioning folks who are afraid to come out know that they are surrounded by people who will love and support them and will try to keep them safe, they are far more likely to come out, and stay out. … Read more

Ani DiFranco is bumming me out.

I’ve been a fan of Ani DiFranco since the late 1990s, when I bought cassette tapes of Little Plastic Castle and Out of Range–still my favorites, of the nearly two dozen albums she’s released. During that phase of her career, Ani was an out and proud queer punk feminist dirty folksinging ladydude and I was all about it. I mean, here’s this performance of the title song from Little Plastic Castle:

And this one, the title song from Out Read more

Jenna McWilliams: still not a seminal thinker

Almost three years ago I explained why I hate the words ‘seminal’ and ‘disseminate.’ Here’s the explanation, in brief:

Both words come from the latin root seminalis, or seed, from which we also get the word semen.

Now: seminal, disseminate, semen. All linked to the notion of the seed, the germination of all things that can grow: the sowing of ideas, of genes, of the next generation of people, texts, and theories. The terms, though we may not

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Why I won’t be at the Chick Fil-A counterprotest

…and why you can’t win for losing, these days.

A bunch of queerfolks around the world plan on queerin’ up Chick Fil-A today as a counterprotest to “Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day” (aka: “take a stand against those fags”).

I won’t be participating.

This is one of those instances of small groups of like-minded people stepping up on public platforms and talking directly at themselves. People who hate gays enough to spend thousands of dollars to bus people to a fast … Read more

Greek politician slaps female rival on TV, carries his party to victory regardless

file under: don’t you dare think it doesn’t happen in the United States too.

The symbol of Greece's Golden Dawn party. Many have compared this symbol to the Nazi swastika.

You may have missed this, if you live in the United States. A Greek (male) politician named Ilias Kasidiaris  attacked two female rivals on television: He slapped one woman, three times, and threw water in the face of another. Kasidiaris is a spokesperson for the far right Golden Dawn PartyRead more

Susan Powter is a lesbian.

file under: things you suspected but stopped really caring about for a while there



You remember Susan Powter, right? Of Stop the Insanity! fame. She lost a ton of weight, cut her hair super short and dyed it platinum, and ran around telling people to start moving for chrissake. She started getting called a “fitness guru,” got a TV show for a season, and faded out of the spotlight.

She’s still around, actually, and still proselytizing about how Read more

robo-readers do what teachers can’t! Or, how we turned writing literacy into an algorithm

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has this weekly radio show called “Spark.” It is, in my opinion, the best technology-focused show that Americans don’t know about.

This week’s show included a story on the use of computer tools to read and score student writing on standardized tests. Spark host Nora Young interviewed Mark Shermis, the Dean of the College of Education at the University of Akron, who had this to say about how so-called “robo readers” assess writing:… Read more

on supporting the needs of gifted learners

I’m the kind of guy who spent a lot of fifth grade secretly reading books in class instead of paying attention to the teacher. I earned good grades, took a few AP classes, and got a full-ride academic scholarship to college. I graduated something-cum laude (I can’t remember anymore whether it was summa cum laude or just plain old cum laude). As far as I know, I was never labeled “gifted,” but I was certainly a Smarty McSmarterson.… Read more