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some thoughts on queering DML

I attended the recent Digital Media and Learning Conference, “Designing Learning Futures,” in Long Beach, California. During the conference, something sort of cool happened: It became evident that this year’s conference schedule included exactly zero references to queer studies, queer theory, or queer youth. Yes, there were panels in which participants talked about their work with queer youth, but the panel titles and descriptions lacked any indicators that, yes, this would be a queered conversation.

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new QUILTBAG resources

Here at Indiana University, I’ve been participating in a really neat program called the GLB Speakers Bureau: Our Stories, Our Lives. This program works from an assumption that a lot of misconceptions about non-heterosexual orientation stem from a lack of exposure to actual queers. So what does this program do? It brings the queers. Sits them right down at the front of a classroom and asks them to talk about their experience.

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teacher to issue public apology for antigay harrassment of student

Whoa momma.

Via Feminist Law Professors:

Teacher to Publicly Apologize for Antigay Harassment

In another instance of repeated antigay bullying, the ACLU of Florida announced yesterday a settlement with the Flagler County School District in a case of a student who had been bullied and harassed by other students and by a teacher. From the ACLU press release:

Herbert, a 15-year-old freshman, had been bullied and threatened by fellow students

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