film review: 8: the Mormon Proposition

By | February 7, 2011

I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear my state’s GOP lawmakers are reviving a push to pass an amendment banning gay marriage. Which reminds me: I’ve recently started reviewing films for my local public radio station, WFIU. You can see my first review, of the documentary film 8: the Mormon Proposition, here.I’m also including the beginning of the review below.

Just FYI, this review led WFIU to post, for apparently the first time ever, a disclaimer explaining that my views do not necessarily reflect those of the station. TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION.

Movie Review: ‘8: The Mormon Proposition’

Because I’m a fan of exposing bigotry and hypocrisy whenever possible, because I’m a fan of following the money trail in politics, and because I’m a fan of tearing down cultural institutions that encourage hate, the new documentary 8: The Mormon Proposition is the kind of film I really want to like.

The man behind it, Reed Cowan, has explained that his goal was to break through the “impenetrable fortress” of the Church of Latter Day Saints, in order to expose its role in the passage of California’s Proposition 8, the constitutional amendment that made it illegal for gays to marry in the state. That’s a cause I’d love to get behind—if the film didn’t commit some of the very sins it hangs on the doorstep of the Mormon Church. (read the rest of the review here.)