Monthly Archives: January 2011

a note on representing ‘the in between’

On Saturday I dressed like this for my ladyfriend’s birthday party:

At the party, I talked with someone who was making a short film for Bloomington’s upcoming Pride Film Festival. She was working with a song that had this line: “She, he, and in between.” And she wanted to use me to help illustrate the ‘in between’ part.

This marked the first time anyone had offered an unprompted observation that I did not appear to fit neatly into either half … Read more

do it like a dude / affix spikes to our lips

Here is the video for a song called “Do it like a dude,” sung by Jessie J:

In case you scrolled past the video without watching it, I’ll just tell you that it’s an absolute celebration of gay ladies and the sex they have together. Here are some lyrics:

I can do it like a brother
Do it like a dude
Grab my crotch, wear my hat low like you

Do it like a brother
Do it like a dude

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my ‘I come from’ poem

I’m helping to teach a course this semester for pre-service secondary writing teachers. On the first day of class, we all wrote “I come from” poems. This is an activity that comes from Linda Christensen’s fantastic book Teaching for Joy and Justice. Here’s the poem I wrote.

Where I Come From

I come from the thumb of the mitten
knuckled under by desperation, the ‘out of a job yet?
keep buying foreign’ sticker slapped to the slanted back of … Read more

if you care about equity in education, you should watch Summer Heights High

I was introduced to the Australian mockumentary “Summer Heights High” by my friend Steven Caldwell (who is also, by the way, the person who gave me the phrase ‘be the chainsaw you wish to see in the world‘). This show was apparently a raging hit when it aired in Australia, and Steven thought I would find its take on public education hilarious.

I didn’t find the show hilarious. I found it tragic and deeply moving and … Read more