Monthly Archives: October 2010

things I don’t care about wrt this LeBron James Nike ad

1. That it’s designed to go massively viral
2. That Nike is a soulless corporate bully that exploits children, women, poverty-stricken communities of workers, and the environment
3. That corporate monopolies oh goddammit I do care about all of these things

So what do we do when a corporation does not have our best human interests at heart and still makes some goddam killer ad campaigns?

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celebrate National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day. It’s important, of course, for members of the LGBTQ community to wear their identities publicly and with pride today–but it’s also important for allies to show their support. In a nation where more than half of us still believe that marriage is a privilege that must be earned and not an inalienable right, mainstream political candidates can treat homosexuality as an abomination and still garner 34% of likely voters in pre-election polls, … Read more

brb running with the big dogs

Last week, I had the incredible honor and thrill of sitting in on a Skype conversation with learning theorist Michael Cole. Mike–which is what I call him now, since we’re like this *crosses fingers to demonstrate close friendship*–is one of the most prominent educational researchers currently working in America. There are two main reasons for this: First, Michael Cole introduced America to L.S. Vygotsky, thereby changing the course of psychology and learning theory for good, forever. Second, Michael Cole … Read more

film review: The Social Network

Summary: my Facebook friends’ status updates hold more surprises in any five minutes than this film can muster in 2 hours.

As I was waiting for my friends to arrive at the movie theater for the 7:00 showing of The Social Network, the newly released film chronicling the early years of Mark Zuckerberg’s rise as the co-founder of Facebook, I accidentally got the zipper pull on my sweatshirt stuck in the mesh of the bench I was sitting on. I … Read more

moving beyond the gender binary (or: why I wear men’s clothes)

I want you to know some things about my approach to gender performance.

I want to tell you because my friend Lina asked me today how I think about gender and gender performance, which got me thinking, which made me realize that I have some strong ideas about this, which made me wonder if it’s time to state them out loud.

So here we go.

Typical cultural activity associated with “womanness” include: femininity and / or motherliness; degree of attractiveness … Read more