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a time when I didn’t speak up against anti-gay behavior

This graphic is brought to you by Genderbitch, who describes herself as “Just another pagan, kinky, queer trans chick with disabilities”:

I found the genderbitch blog because of a recent post published there on “calling out” bigoted behavior, and because I’ve been thinking about a recent incident in which I chose not to “call out” a classmate who said something homophobic in front of (but not about) me and a small number of my colleagues. I didn’t say a word … Read more

another reason to study media at Indiana University

I sometimes hang out in Mark Deuze‘s office in the telecommunications department of my university. When I hang out there, my colleagues and I operate under the moniker “the janissary collective.” Here’s a short video clip taken by Nicky Lewis that is characteristic of the type of conversation we have. The only thing that’s not characteristic is that in this clip, two faculty members are doing the majority of the talking. In fact, most of the time it’s … Read more

Ok Go: “White Knuckles”

Here’s the latest Ok Go video, “white knuckles.”

You know what would be really innovative? If OK Go made a video that didn’t involve every band member rigidly marching roughly in time with every other band member while alternating looking directly at the camera and moving offscreen to pull in some new prop. I’m not bored of this gimmick yet, but I’m getting there.

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notes on the double-edged sword: on Jaron Lanier on algorithmic approaches to educational policy

cross-posted at HASTAC.

I generally find Jaron Lanier a bit too reductionist, a bit too either/or, for my tastes. His recent New York Times column arguing for a return to innovative, creative educational approaches and a turn away from problematic assumptions inherent in algorithmic approaches to assessment (“Does the Digital Classroom Enfeeble the Mind?” Sept. 16, 2010) is characteristically both reductionist and either/or. This makes me worried, because the piece is also–characteristically–poetic and moving, which means we … Read more

losing Max

He was perfect. He was beautiful and mouthy and sweet and kind and nobody who met him could ever forget him. He was mine and he knew it. I loved him. I had the unbelievable good luck to have him in my life for 13 perfect years. I never begrudged him the work or the expense of keeping him healthy and whole. Never resented him or wished he’d hurry up and die. Never. Not once. For thirteen years I loved … Read more

remembering 9/11

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I was at the offices of the Holly Herald and Fenton Independent, a pair of local weekly newspapers in southeastern Michigan. I was a reporter. Our most recent paper had just gone to press, it was early in the next news cycle, and I was sort of easing into my day.

My sister called to tell me about the attack, and what I remember most of all is not being able to connect … Read more

you guys, I’m really happy.

Today’s my birthday. I’m 33. I don’t really go for birthday reflections or “this year I promise to…” resolutions, but I have been thinking lately that I’m happier, and more confident and comfortable with myself, than I have been maybe ever. And that’s worth writing about, even if it is my birthday.

1. It takes awesome friends. Awesome friends are great to have in general, but I also happen to think they’re a necessity. My awesome friends have helped me … Read more

“be cool, you guys” revisited: on identity theft and ignorant behavior

Last updated: Tuesday, Sept. 7, 10:05 a.m.: The author of the blog described below has acknowledged that the comments posted using my sister’s online identity were not, in fact, posted by the “real” Laura, and she has removed them from her blog. Obviously, I believe this was the right decision and I’m glad and relieved that the comments have been deleted.

My sister learned today that someone has been using her information to troll other websites. This person has been … Read more

what I do with my mornings

See, what I do is, first I give him his three pills which he’s been getting for years so he’s pretty used to just swallowing them down. When he’s sick or dehydrated it’s harder because they get stuck in his throat and make him puke. Then I deal with the new medication, which is a syrup that makes him froth and spit up even though it’s supposed to taste good to cats. I put a tiny bit in a syringe … Read more