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we’re kinda like the doozers, kinda like the fraggles: tweeting as identity play

I haven’t smacked the New York Times down for a woefully outdated take on new media in, oh, several weeks at least. But a recent column on how Twitter prevents us from making real connections with people forced my hand.

The piece, by novelist Lucina Rosenfeld, describes Rosenfeld’s attempt at joining the Twitter revolution. She joins but doesn’t know what to tweet, despite her editor’s advice:

Imagine you’re at a cocktail party, she said. The things you’d say to people
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it might not be a lot but I feel like I’m making the most

living and leaving with less

This is my last weekend in Boston. In a few days, I’ll be closing up shop, losing my internet access, piling some items into a truck, and heading to points midwest.

I’m not going to bother using this post to detail the emotional tumult inherent in this kind of move, because that feels lamely self-indulgent, even to someone who spends a huge chunk of her time broadcasting her thoughts on at least three different blog … Read more

the blogosphere is yesterday’s news

The term “blogosphere” has run its course. Aside from the fact that using it in mixed company feels a little like saying “information superhighway” or capitalizing the word “internet,” it turns out the word was coined as a joke. (See its apparent first appearance here; see Wikipedia’s explanation of the term’s origin here.

Then there’s the fact that we’re slowly but surely moving away from using metaphors from our physical world to describe the features of the internet. … Read more

one thing I’ll miss when print journalism finally dies

what will we do without really good exposés of cults and such, like a recent shredding of the Church of Scientology?

Aside from skimming the occasional story about Scientology’s hold on celebrities or following the campaign of the civic protest group Anonymous, I really don’t pay a lot of attention to the day-to-day workings of the Church of Scientology.

A recent three-part expose of the Church of Scientology’s leaders, including its head, David Miscavige, caught my attention. The … Read more

what’s a 17-letter word for mixed blessing?

You guys, I really love word and number puzzles–crosswords, sudoku, cross sums, word mines, the whole deal. One of my most long-standing hobbies is working through a ratty pile of Dell puzzle magazines. (Never Penny Press; I hate Penny Press.)

It didn’t occur to me until I read this post in Good Magazine arguing that the decline of print media may also signal the decline of printed puzzles. Suddenly, I’m terrified: What if Dell Magazines goes out of business? … Read more

luddites hate jetskis

Today my sister and I almost missed the opening scene of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince because she misread her watch. I don’t wear a watch, see, and she wears an old-fashioned analog wristwatch so it was her job to keep track of time.

As our timekeepers get increasingly digital, it appears, we have a tendency toward being less capable of quickly interpreting analog time markers. So at 1:00, she thought her watch said noon. She caught her … Read more

the week in #lame

So much lame stuff has been happening recently that I’ve decided to manage it with a weekly post summarizing the lameness. This is the very first installment of ‘the week in #lame.’

Massachusetts gets all anti-immigration, protectionist, a tiny bit stupid
The country’s only commonwealth, the first to legalize gay marriage, the first to legalize universal health care coverage, has backed away from that last thing by lpassing legislation that excludes 30,000 legal immigrants from state-mandated health insurance.

The immigrants … Read more